Pendant Necklace Bull Byson from Deer Antler Carving with Silver Bail 925

Pendant necklace from deer antler carving with silver bail 925

Material ; deer antler

Size : mm

Code : x469

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Pendant necklace from deer antler carving with silver bail 925

Material : deer antler

Size : mm

Code : x469

Organic Jewelry, The Culture of Enhancing Human Physical Looks


Organic jewelry is also known as a handmade jewelry which has wide range of materials that can be obtained from the nature. The products typically consist of elements and compound which can be found on nature, yet even it’s called as “organic” sometimes it’s made from non-organic materials such as rock or stone.

Organic jewelry has been used since the beginning of human civilization to honor the leader and beautify body for most women even men, and has always been a significant part of human development and progression. Heightening human physical looks has and will always take a huge and great part of human priming.

Organic material are normally grown or harvested by human naturally in responsible way. It can be mean as socially and environmentally. All of the nuts, seeds, sea shells, flowers, fish scales, animal bone, horn, antler, and stems are harvested or taken in such natural friendly manner which doesn’t destroy or doesn’t bring any great damage onto an area merely for profit, nor force anyone into unfair work conditions or enslave labor in harvesting those materials.

Basically, the organic jewelry can be divided into four sub type based on its purposes and forms, those are body jewelry from natural materials such as antler carving,ethnic jewelry, non-piercing jewelry, non-jewelry goodies. Body jewelries are used by attaching it into our body by pierce certain part of our body like earring and any other piercing jewelry, while ethic jewelry is unique body jewelry own by certain ethnic or cultural spread all over the world. Non-piercing jewelry can be attached onto our body without any effort to pierce, like bracelet, necklace, hairstick, and some ornamental stuff like various pendants.

Another distinctive characteristic of organic jewelry is how it is manufactured and distributed. Mostly of the organic jewelry is hand created by independent artisans or crafters. Independent artisans or crafters are experts of their craft who only put more efforts on quality than its quantity. It means we’re not banging out on manufacture table with the same design over and over again for tons of copied stuff. Instead, you are getting a more exclusive, unique, cool a piece of organic jewelry.

Supporting independent or local artisans and crafters is important part to construct our economy. These crafters who always give at it best perspective, good workmanship, and a gap from over commercialized industrial products on global scale.


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