Pendant Necklace Octopus from Buffalo Bone Carving with Silver Bail 925

Pendant Necklace Octopus from Buffalo Bone Carving

Material ; Buffalo Bone

Size : 72x37mm

Code : s995

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Pendant Tribal from Deer Antler Carving

Material ; Deer Antler

Size : 85x37mm

Code : s995

Bone Carving, Art of Making Remarkable Artwork Made From Pieces of Bone


One of the most demanded applicable art is any handmade which is made by carving. Carving here means the act of using tool to form any kind of art stuff or something from certain material by scrape up some part of the object’s surface. This kind of technique can be applied to any object or material which is having quite solid to hold certain shape even the some parts of the materials have been removed from it, and still soft enough to scrape away its portion with the available carving tools.

Carving in sculpture is different from making artwork using soft or malleable materials, such as clay, various fruit, and hot melted glass, which can be formed by into desired forms while it’s soft and become hard into its form later. Carving here tends to need much more efforts than any methods using malleable material. Carving has some type based on its material, such as bone carving, chip carving, fruit carving, ground carving, ice carving, ivory carving, stone carving, vegetable carving, wood carving, etc.

Based on the materials used, bone carving become one of sub-type which largely used by most artist to make beautiful handicraft. This kind of material also has good durability and quite suitable to be made into various forms of an artwork. Bone carving means create an art form by carving into animal bones, including antler and horn. This technique can result various stuff as ornament, accessory, or figure. This type of carving has been performed by sort of world culture, for example in Bali, a place where numerous remarkable bones carving are produced.

Bali has various bone carving handmade which are ready to offer to you and all people over the world. You can find those bones carving product on BaliHandmade. They offer you various outstanding bones carving in some sort of product, they are handle knife, handle walking stick, various pendant and ring, smoking pipe, tobacco pipe, statue, wall decoration and also sea shell carving.

They have quite complete handcraft you can choose. The good thing of balihandmade is they offer you various stuff made from good quality materials. They only pick a high quality bone, most of their products also made from buffalo horn and deer antler. These bone carving are also quite nice for a gift which have artistic value and remarkable detail on every inch.


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