Snake Cobra Egg from Billiard Ball Number 13 Carving

Snake Cobra Egg from Billiard Ball Carving :

Material : Billiard ball number 13

Size : 52x49mm

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Snake Cobra Egg from Billiard Ball Carving :

Material : Billiard ball number 13

Size : 52x49mm

One of the Unique Hand-carved Work, Billiard Ball Carving


Carving is one of popular method to make an artwork from certain material by scraping away the portion. It can be applied into any solid material which is solid enough to hold a certain form even when most pieces have been removed. Typically, carving has a lot of workable medium to be scraped, such as animal bone, chip, fruit, ground, ice, ivory, stone, antler, horn, wood, and so on.

As the time goes by, carving has fully improved. Fully developed tools and more range of its media in carving, make carving has a rich art product to be sold to customers. One of its unique carving works is using billiard ball carving as the media to be processed as hand carved artwork.

A billiard ball basically quite good material since it is made of plastic materials which are strongly to cracking and chipping. It may a little bit hard to be carved but once it’s formed into certain figure we wanted, the figure will have a good durability. The other point which makes it unique than another media because it base form is a ball. So, the quality, detail, and figure creativity will be extremely depends on its artist or crafter.

If you are looking for this kind of billiard ball carving, there are few models or figure that you can find on the market. Mostly, billiard ball carving works are formed into various skeleton heads, leaving the number on for distinctive points. The other popular models are formed in many kind of dragon figure. Some looks like the ball hatched into a baby dragon. It will be your best choice if you are such a fan of dragons figure.

You can get billiard ball carving in most part of the world, since it’s quite popular among artists. As the enhancement of technology, many artist or crafter takes advantages of it. They are selling various kind of billiard ball carving through online. So, if you find some difficulties in finding the pawn shop that sell this product, just turn on your notebook, go online and search for it.

You’ll find numerous artist or online shops that sell it. If you’re taking much effort on deciding the best one, try Bali handmade instead. Here, you’ll find a lot of best billiard ball carvings, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just contact the artist and order it. So, what are you waiting for?


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