The Dutch Man Handle Knife / Walking Stick from Buffalo Bone Carving

The Dutch Man from Bone Carving :

Material : Buffalo Bone

Size : mm

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The Dutch Man  Handle Knife from Bone Carving :

Material : Buffalo Bone

Astonishing Sculpture Work on Bali Sculpture

Bali is one of over 13000 islands in Indonesian archipelago which has become famous for its scenic attraction, dynamic culture and society, and also people there are welcoming to outsider. This island is so scenic and spotless that it could almost be highlighted scenery. It has rice paddies tipping down knolls sides like a giant footstep, all the volcanoes rising up as if it through the cloud, widespread sandy beaches, fresh blue water, crashing sea, and kindly people who do not just have their own culture but really live it.

As a sphere where they live their culture, Bali has plentiful of artwork which made by their home industry, handled by their experts on Bali sculpture. Many exotic sculptures available here are made by hand of skillful and talented Balinese artist which bring to the world with very competitive prices. The product here quite has extensive range such as statue made from organic or non-organic materials, relief, wall panel or decoration, wood carving and many more.

Balinese artist gifted by talent through their ancestor who had this skill thousand years ago. Old Balinese sculpture tends to be used as a central in every religious practice in their culture. Now, Bali becomes more adapted in implementing their Bali sculpture not only used for religious practice but they are also producing various sculptures for economical purposes.

Bali sculpture works now tends to provides various ornamental stuffs to beautify garden, room, or wall. Balinese artist quite adaptable with the transformation of their consumer needs. Since Bali is one of most wanted as tourist destination places so the needs of handicraft is quite high. Most of foreigner will buy some Bali sculpture for collection or as a gift for their close friends.

They are not only selling their product directly in their shop, they also enlarge their market by selling their product online. So, if you don’t have any chance to visit Bali, buy their Bali sculpture through online will be the best solution. You can view all of their products on their website, try Bali handmade if you’re searching for organic sculpture work, they have countless interesting stuffs.

They have tobacco pipe and smoking pipe and costum handle knife or walking stick  for antique stuff collector or smoker who wants artistic smoking tool, wall ornamental such pendant and sea shell carving, or even any other home decorations like wood carving, statue, billiard ball carving, carved flower vase, gear shift knob from deer antler carving, or even carved spoon and pork.


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