Viking and Dragon Netsuke Statue from Deer Antler Carving

Viking Netsuke Statue from Deer Antler Carving

Size : 143x28mm

Material : Deer Antler

Code : x298

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Viking Netsuke Statue from Deer Antler Carving

Size : 143x28mm

Material : Deer Antler

One Best Bali Statue Is Their Notable Organic Statue


Bali statue is well-known all around the world, with various sizes, figures, and material make Bali as the complete place to pick one best statue based on your art taste. Balinese statue mostly made from lava stone or limestone which is a very hard stone to be carved or made from composite casting and terracotta. They also use soft stone which is commonly called as white stone from Indonesia, also known as YogyaStone. Stone typically used for larger statue which is can be placed on the garden.

Another kind of Bali statue is made from organic material. This material can be harvested from our natural environment such as various wood, nuts, animals bone, deer’s antler and buffalo horn. Those materials are commonly used by most of artisans in making a great and remarkable statue. If stone tends to be used for larger statue, organic materials are great and only support for smaller one. Bali statue made from organic material typically used for indoor ornament.

Balinese statue carving skills were once merely used to create statue for decorating temples and palaces, now their culture has slightly changed and developed by focusing on making an extensive range of non-religious statues, stone water features and other ornamental object in both traditional and modern life style.

Balinese statues has a wide range stock from very intricately detailed traditional religious pieces of statue including Buddhas of various shapes and sizes, to modern pieces of work such as home decoration stuffs. The sizes here vary from 30 cm up to 1.5 meters, so there will be always best choice for every spot, inside or outside home. Whether now you’re looking for guardian statues to be placed in front of your doorway, an elegant and refined Buddha statue for people you love, they are pretty sure that they have it.

If you are looking for organic Bali statue, Bali handmade will be sure provides you the finest organic statue for the consumer. They have some notable organic statue from buffalo horn and deer antler. Some of their products are Black Dragon netsuke hand-carved statue in size of 153x28mm, Old King netsuke statue sized of 78x28mm, Turtle Netsuke statue, this one is bit different because made by Tagua nut, and Viking Dragon netsuke sized 143x28mm. Their vary on weight but it’s pretty sure about 1 Kg. However, if you desire any other materials such as wood or stone, they will put such effort to make it


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